Documentation of the reservation management system -

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1. Log in to www

2. After logging in, you are in the user panel.

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see an orange menu from which you can select Management -> Page Widget.

4. A widget for the website is used for checking available dates by customers of an accommodation facility. The person looking for a free date will receive a message about availability and a request to contact the facility to make a reservation. Do you want to automate the booking process? Learn more about the Online Booking System

5. After entering the tab, we need to configure the appearance of the widget. It is necessary to enter the web address of the accommodation facility, select the type of widget, the height and width values can remain standard. After completing the data, we click Generate code.

6. After generating the widget, we have the possibility to set its appearance according to our preferences. After this process we click Save.

7. The last step is to copy the generated code and insert it into your website.

Page widget

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