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The mobile-calendar application gives users the opportunity to personalise the appearance and functionality of the application. Each user can customise certain elements of the interface according to their own preferences. The tab is divided into six main sections General, Calendar, Reservation Form, Reservations, Rooms and Synchronisation.

1. Log in to www

2. After logging in, you are in the user panel.

3. On the left side of the screen you will see an orange menu from which you can select the Settings tab.


In the general settings, you can set a light or dark theme for the application and the home page that will be displayed when you log in to the system - this can be Calendar or Desktop.



1. In the calendar settings you can define the frequency of calendar refreshing, the shape of displayed reservations (rounded or square).
2 The next elements are the booking labels, which are the data that display on the bookings in the main calendar view.
3. A quick preview of the reservation is the data that appear when you hover over the reservation (this option can also be deactivated).
4. Quickly move bookings with a movement of the mouse.
5. Display of booking source and check-in status - this refers to the icons displayed on bookings that inform us of the relevant status.
6. It is also possible to define custom colours for the booking display.


Reservation Form

The booking form can be personalised by simplifying or expanding it.
1. It is possible to hide some semi-services such as: arrival/departure hours, number of children, number of persons, more client data, check-in hours, source of reservation, catering, additional services. This is especially useful if the facility does not provide some services at all.
2. In addition, here you can set a default deposit amount as a percentage or amount and the number of days for the deposit payment, which will be automatically set when adding a new booking.
3. It is also possible to enable check-in so that the system takes into account not only the dates of individual bookings, but also their check-in times. If the check-in times overlap, the system will not allow you to add a booking on that date.



Enabled option 'Display blocks as bookings' will cause all added blocks to be displayed in 'Reservations' and 'Desktop' tabs as normal bookings. If the option is disabled blocks will not be visible in the tabs mentioned.



By ticking the 'Change room to dirty at check out' option, when the 'Checked out' status is ticked on a booking, a red icon will automatically appear on that room suggesting that the room needs to be cleaned.



Each user has the ability to set the default status, colour and payment type of a booking imported from


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