Documentation of the reservation management system -


The price list gives the possibility to set prices for different dates. Thanks to the completed price list, the prices for a stay are automatically filled in when saving a new reservation. The system supports several types of price lists: price per room, price per person, price according to the number of people. The price list is also used for the online booking system.

1. Log in to www

2. After logging in, you are in the user panel.

3. On the left side of the screen you will see an orange menu from which you can select the Finance -> Pricing tab.

4. In the central part of the tab there is a navigation bar with dates and all rooms with fields for price filling. In the upper right corner, we have the currency selection and a button to make mass changes (for several rooms at the same time).


5. The price list can be completed in three ways:
Method 1 is to click on each box separately and enter the prices.
Method 2 is to click on the Edit button next to Price.
Method 3 clicking the Change settings in bulk button, where we can make changes for many rooms at the same time.

1. Search for the room for which you want to edit the pricelist, and then click the Edit button or the Bulk settings button. The example shows a change of prices for Room 1.


2. We select the pricing model we want to use for our room. In this case it will be the 'Price per person' model. Next, you choose the date for which you want to apply the price, you can also choose for which days, as the price can only be applied to selected days. The next step is to enter the applicable price per adult. In the next step, you can also select more rooms for which you want to apply the same settings. Click on the save button.


3. After saving the changes, the main view shows the new prices for the dates you have selected. If the room is also available for children, the price per child should be added. You can also enter a minimum price for the room, e.g. 150 EUR.

4. Clicking on the More options button will show us options such as minimum/maximum length of stay, possible arrival/departure, discounts for the stay. These options are used for the Online Reservation System that can be placed on the accommodation facility's website, thanks to which customers will be able to make reservations directly via the Internet.


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