Documentation of the reservation management system -


1. Log in to www

2. After logging in, you are in the user panel.

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see an orange menu from which you can select Management -> Employees.

4. The employees module is a tool that allows you to create employee accounts for the employees of the accommodation facility. Each employee can have limited access to the application and see only some elements and data of the application. The main administrator account has the ability to set employee rights.

5. After entering the Employees tab, we have a button for adding a new employee, which we click and then enter the employee's details.


6. Fill in the employee details, the email must be different from the administrator's email. Add permissions, which are divided into 8 tabs. In each tab, you have to choose which permission you want to grant to the employee - you do this by ticking the appropriate checkbox. The last step is to click on the Add button.

7. An activity log is displayed next to each employee, allowing the administrator to see what activities have been done in the system.

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