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Confirmation sender

1. Log in to www

2. After logging in, you are in the user panel.

3. On the left side of the screen, you can see an orange menu from which you can select the Management -> Confirmation sender tab.

4. Sending confirmation e-mails directly from the mobile-calendar application enables you to create and send predefined message templates which automatically retrieve data from individual bookings. Thanks to this functionality, the user does not have to manually rewrite, for example, personal data, dates of stays, or prices for a stay.

5. After entering the tab, first you need to configure your e-mail address. To do this, you need to enter the host name, which varies depending on the portal on which you have your mailbox. You need to enter the name of your e-mail address, your e-mail password (this is not a password for the mobile-calendar system) and choose the type of security (usually SSL).

6. Save the settings and then click Check connection. If the configuration is correct, you will receive a message about the correct configuration.

List of most popular hosts:;;;;;;;

IMPORTANT! If your mail is Gmail, you should allow access to less secure applications, to allow, click here. In some cases, a change of gmail password is also required after authorisation.

Confirmation sender

Templates configuration.
1. Confirmation sender tab is divided into three tabs: Account Setup, Templates and Sent Messages. Go to the Templates tab.

2. In order to properly configure a template, its name, subject and content must be completed. If you create an automatic template, universal for all bookings, you should use variables from the Reservation, Customer, Object data tabs. The variables are added to the message by clicking the Add button. An example is shown in the image below.

Confirmation sender

Sending confirmations.
1. Sending confirmations is done directly from the booking details window. To send a confirmation, go to the booking details and click on the blue send icon next to the E-mail field.

Confirmation sender

2. After clicking on the icon, a window will appear from which you should select the appropriate template, check the correctness of the message and then click Send Email.

Confirmation sender

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