Documentation of the reservation management system -


Channel manager selection -

1. Enter Hotel ID from in mobile-calendar app.

2. Login to the extranet and expand the account tab.

3. Select the 'Connectivity provider' or 'Channel manager' tab.

4. Search for mobile-calendar and select mobile-calendar as your provider.

5. Wait for our team to link your account to your mobile-calendar account and you will be notified by email.

6. Continue with the next configuration steps.

Combining rooms -

You can combine rooms depending on how you rent them on

Method 1 (recommended)

One room from mobile-calendar to one room from Example:
Room 1 from mobile-calendar combined with Room 1 from
Room 2 from mobile-calendar combined with Room 2 from
Room 3 from mobile-calendar linked to Room 3 from etc.


This method, called one-to-one connection, is recommended for connecting the mobile-calendar application with Thanks to this connection, availability and prices are sent individually for each room.

Method 2

Several rooms from mobile-calendar to a group of rooms from Example:
Room 1 with mobile-calendar combined with Room 1 from,
Room 2 with mobile-calendar combined with Room 2 from,
Room 3 with mobile-calendar combined with Room 3 from etc.


With this connection we can combine room groups from with several mobile-calendar rooms. By combining rooms in this way, you allow customers to make bookings on dates that are available in the entire room group. This allows a guest to book a date that is made up of several available rooms.

Example: in a group of rooms we have 3 rooms connected( Room 1, Room 2, Room 3).
Room 1 - free term from 01-07 to 03-07.
Room 2 - free term from 03-07 to 05-07.
Room 3 -free term from 05-07 to 07-07.

A client who wants to book a stay from 01-07 to 07-07 has the possibility to book a stay in three rooms:
First part of stay 01-07 to 03-07 Room 1.
Second part of stay 03-07 do 05-07 Room 2.
Third part of stay 05-07 do 07-07 Room 3.

If a customer makes such a booking, the mobile-calendar system will detect a booking collision, of which you will be informed via a message.

What is the solution?

The proposed solution is to connect the rooms with the mobile-calendar using method 1, i.e. a one-to-one method.

An alternative solution is to link only part of the rooms to the app. This way, when you receive a booking from the system, you will be able to manually transfer the booking to an unconnected room (where the date is free), while releasing the availability of the connected room anew.

Editing rooms

To change, add or disconnect rooms - turn off synchronisation.

Pricing and currency

The currency in mobile-calendar must be the same as the currency of your property!
If your rooms are combined into a group on, the price of all rooms in the same group must be the same.

1. Go to Functions -> Pricing.

2. Choose pricing


Expand the plan you wish to edit. Pricing plans are downloaded from, if you wish to add a new pricing plan you need to do so within the extranet.


You can fill in the pricelist in bulk (for many rooms at the same time). Using the 'Edit' button, you can enter the bulk settings for a given pricelist option. Select the date range for which you want to set a given parameter, e.g. price, minimum stay, possible arrivals, etc., enter the value, select for which rooms to apply the changes and save.


Price list values are sent to in real time.

Import of reservations

The reservation import should only be used when you first set up your mobile-calendar connection with

Please note: If you have already manually transcribed bookings from, please skip this step! Otherwise, this may result in a booking overlap (collision).

1. Go to the Synchronization ->
2. Go to step 5 of the configuration.
3. Press the green button Reservation import.
4. Confirm that you want to import bookings from

Synchronisation on/off

Before activating the synchronisation please make sure that the rooms are connected correctly, that the currency in mobile-calendar is the same as in and that the price list is configured correctly. If you require any further information or assistance with the configuration please contact us.

Follow the steps:
1. Go to the Synchronisation ->
2. Proceed to step 6 of the configuration.
3. Slide the Disable/enable synchronisation slider.

Enabling synchronisation will automatically send availability and price list to

All availability and price changes made in the mobile-calendar are sent to in real time.

You did not find an answer? Contact us!

We encourage you to contact our team. We always cooperate with our users. We are constantly developing our program to make the work of accommodation facilities around the world as easy as possible.